"Physio" ,which is a Greek word, has two meanings, "nature" as in "physiology" and "physical" as in "physiotherapy".

Physiotherapy refers to therapeutic use of physical agents to promote self-healing in the body. Diagnosis can be established after assessing client's health history and physical conditions, and when necessary, combined with the laboratory and imaging results. Physiotherapy management and treatment includes prescription or assistance with specific exercise, manual therapy, electrical, thermal agents, acupuncture, education, postural correction, which are supported by research and scientific evidence.

The role of physiotherapy is not only for rehabilitation, but also nowadays more emphasis is given to injury prevention and acute injury management.

Clinics and Centres
  Tsuen Wan Physiotherapy
  Queen's Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre
Causeway Bay Physiotherapy & Child Development Centre
  Skyline Physiotherapy
  Tsim Sha Tsui Physiotherapy
  Sai Kung Physiotherapy
  Mong Kok Physiotherapy
  North Lantau Physiotherapy
  Shekou Physio & Dynamic Centre
  Dongguan Physiotherapy
  Guangzhou Physiotherapy
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