Healthcare Facilites Management
Heathcare Facilities Management      

As one of the leading healthcare service providers, we are monitoring closely with global phenomenon in shifting of resources of healthcare industry from public sectors to private sectors. In order to maintain and enhance the private facilities service standard, all healthcare providers should understand the crucial role of facilities and human resources management.

We have good support team with exceptional experience in HR and service quality control in the private sector. We provide continuous training for all existing and new clerical staff, ensure the smoothness of stocking of all consumerables and purchases of equipment for daily operations. We believe specialization is the key to success, and we are here to make the difference!

Service Examples:
-Long-term and short-term contract service  
-Locum and relieving service  
-Clinic and centre operations management  
-Electronic medical system solutions  
-Office and clinic consumables stocking and supply  
-Rehabilitation and medical products supply  
-Central recruitment for professionals and administrative staff  
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